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Instagram has just launched VOICES Festival, a completely free, unseen and 100% online event dedicated to aspiring content creators or fans who would like to start their own creator’s profile. This event offers them the opportunity to discover advice & tips from Instagram’s most popular influencers!

From June 7-9, the Creators’ Week was hosted on this dedicated landing page. In theory, only 5000 tickets were available via a registration link. We even let you think that you were “chosen” to participate. In practice, anyone can go to the link and participate in the VOICES Festival, here and on the instagram account @creators. We know and assume the “limited seat” effect, it’s a good way to maximise registrations! However, by registering, participants agree to share contact details with Boomerang Agency, one of the festival’s partners. 

Marck Zuckerberg’s opening statement, aka @Zuck, sets the tone: “our goal is to be the best platform for creators (…), support and help the creator economy”. In short, Instagram is showing its interest in young creators and wants to help them develop thanks to the already well-known personalities.

Mark Zuckerberg Opening Remarks on @Creators IGTV channel

30 sessions, 60 personalities

Voices Festival landing page and programme on mobile device

A business-driven fashion world

Topics are various but the business objective sent by Instagram for the creator economy is strong: we can learn “how to work with agencies” and participate in a media training session with various actors like We are follow, Influence 4 you and more.

How to work with agencies session by VOICES 

We can’t deny that Instagram has changed the world of fashion and luxury, so it’s not surprising to find this big topic discussed during “fashions talks” such as “how to break in the fashion world?” with guests like @claracornet, @sulivansweg and Lucien Pagès.

How to break into fashion world by VOICES 

Blooming of creative & shopping features

Instagram took the opportunity to invite the most creative instagrammers such as @fredstauffer to present quick REELS tutorials. We can also listen about Instagram Shopping and exclusive announcements for the next features.

@fredstauffer REELS tutorial on Instagram

As you can see, Instagram is multiplying its actions to get closer to the creative economy, especially with its latest issue of Instagram Insider dedicated to creators.

Instagram Insider – Creator issue

In a nutshell, the place of content creators (once called influencers) is growing more and more within the influence ecosystem where brands and agencies have played for years now. They are becoming the main actors of a new economy rightly called “the creator economy” by Mark Zuckerberg. 

Content creators are turning into proper entrepreneurs, running their own businesses and therefore becoming new competitors for already established brands. They are digital natives and know better than anyone else how to create engaging content and grow their community. Rather than seeing them as a threat, wouldn’t it be the perfect opportunity for brands to make strong collaborations with these digital content experts?