Yusuf Tanvir

Managing Director India

Yusuf Tanvir is the Country Director of Ykone India, where we have two offices, in Bangalore and Mumbai. After completing his Masters in Management and Marketing from Nottingham Trent University, Yusuf went on to work with some of the leading brands and media titles in the UK, UAE, Singapore and India. In his previous role, as Senior Marketing Director for Brides Today, Cosmopolitan India and Harper’s Bazaar India, Yusuf nurtured relationships with luxury brands, worked with high profile influencers and formed strategic alliances. Over an 8 year career, he has gained a deep understanding and knowledge of influencer marketing and branded content production strategies. Yusuf plays an important role in helping Ykone to partner with top international and local brands, execute marketing campaigns and onboard top creative talent in India.