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Starting 2022 with a big announcement, Instagram has just launched Subscriptions – a key tool allowing content creators to diversify their content and create even more great content.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, creatives such as photographers, digital artists or performers have found new ways of monetization when live events and productions are not possible. Cameo, Patreon, Only Fans…we’ve seen growing social platforms providing new ways to pay these content creators.

Today, the influencers’ favourite platform is following the movement with Subscriptions feature. How it works? Fans will pay a monthly subscription to have access to private content from their beloved creators through Instagram popular formats such as stories of Lives. Each subscriber will have a unique status that will be visible by the content creators through a purple badge for an easy identification.

A shifting model for brands and content creators

Credits: @gabbois 

As digital consultants, at Ykone, we believe that ‘Subscriptions’ will be a true springboard for brands who will play a role of patron for content creators to help them grow and shine in what they’re good at. Influencers’ creations will be more valued and their expertise renowned allowing them to make a living out of their offer on social media.

It clearly shows a switch in the mentality going from ‘let’s pay an influencer to do a beauty tutorial’ to ‘let’s give these creators what they need to create amazing beauty tutorials that will turn into regular income through subscriptions’.

Content creators are put at the heart of the platform and become the main actors and key levers for brands.

Widening the scope of possibilities

Much more than a basic feature, the feature ‘Subscriptions’ is a game changer in the digital creative world. On Instagram, creative talents are endless – from fitness coaching to make-up art, brands will have the opportunity to help various types of influencers sponsoring them and giving them the tools to create highly aesthetic and high-value content for their subscribers. We could imagine Nikon supporting an emerging photographer to create exclusive paid photography masterclasses on Instagram for instance.

Credits: @yogaaveclisa (left), @laravioletta (middle), @theogosselin (right)

Tapping into the power of fandom

‘Subscriptions’ will also strengthen the strong bond content creators have with their communities by building a more intimate connection. Giving them access to exclusive content re-creates the excitement and desirability of a live gig, applied to any form of art on Instagram to nurture and retain the audience.

Beyond a community: a fandom. People are willing to pay to enjoy their favourite creator’s creations as they are already passionate about what they do and admire their work.

‘Subscriptions’ is taking the Instagram community to the next level by creating a strong sense of belonging and ultra authentic engagement.

That being said, be prepared for the next content creator’s revolution and don’t miss the opportunity to become a key driver within this movement.
As a brand, it’s now time to find your muses and put them in the spotlight to make co-creation even greater.