Qatar is a country that offers a blend of tradition and modernity that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. To celebrate this richness, visit Qatar aimed to make the country and the vibrant city of Doha the ultimate stopover destination.

During the first four months of the campaign, YKONE designed the perfect Qatar experience for 14 European influencers, creating personalized itineraries going beyond the top attractions and managing the talents on-ground. 

By showcasing their distinct experiences on Instagram and TikTok, the content creators generated top-notch media assets that not only elevated Qatar’s visibility and positive image but also attracted visitors to this remarkable stopover destination.

Influencers Booking, Influencers Casting

Geneva, Switzerland

The Results

21 socials icons | 1.093K posts | 106M impressions | 14.5M reach | 1.8M interactions | 3.45% engagement rate