Since 2017 Visit Dubai has been working with YKONE Dubai on always-on campaigns, bringing local influencers from target markets to experience Dubai with a fresh perspective.

In 2018, 72 influencers from 7 international markets traveled to Dubai with key objectives to change global perception of the destination with interactive content mechanics. Many different influencer segments were activated for increased diversity, including families, couples and friend groups. From the desert to entertainment to ultimate hospitality, each influencer experienced Dubai with a bespoke itinerary tailored to their interests.

Concept and Strategy, Casting, Briefing and Content Guidelines, Influencer Management, Custom Itinerary Creation, Booking & Travel Management, On-Ground Support

Dubai, UAE

The results

This mega campaign with Visit Dubai not only presented tremendous quantitative results, but truly interactive and engaging content that enabled influencers to change their audience’s perception of Dubai. In just a glimpse, we reached nearly 6K publications with an over-delivery of 94% on campaign publications.