Veuve Clicquot, one of the most prestigious champagne house, sought to promote their new arrow packaging and its various colors during the winter season. They entrusted YKONE to orchestrate a campaign to generate visibility for the new packaging while creating beautiful content. To achieve this, YKONE casted six social icons to produce content through a seeding campaign. Centered on autonomous content creation for Instagram, the campaign thrived under YKONE’s artistic direction.

Under YKONE’s guidance, influencers featured Veuve Clicquot’s Arrow packaging in their content to highlight its ability to bring cheer during the gloomy winter months. To add a personal touch to the campaign, each influencer customized the Arrow with the name of their chosen city and the distance from the Veuve Clicquot terroir in Reims.

Influencers Casting & Booking, Artistic Direction & Creative Guidelines, Campaign Management & Reporting

Paris, France

The Results

6 social icons | 24 posts | 242K impressions | 123K reach | 1.3% engagement rate