Triumph, a renowned international lingerie brand, entrusted YKONE to launch a campaign highlighting their new store openings in Zurich and Vienna and raising awareness for their Triumph Flex Smart line. Aligned with Triumph’s slogan, “It’s personal – How do you feel?”, the campaign targeted the DACH market (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).

That is why YKONE selected influencers from these regions and guided them to create content that adhered to our creative guidelines. Inspired by the various roles women play daily, the Triumph Flex Smart range stands out for its flexibility and adaptability. We crafted the entire campaign concept, asking influencers to answer “How do you feel?” by projecting images, feelings, and moments onto their bodies, complemented by an emotional voiceover in their content.

Influencers Casting & Booking, Campaign Management & Reporting, Artistic Direction & Creative Guidelines

Münich, Germany

The Results

13 social icons | 40 posts | 1.2M impressions | 914K reach | 7.3% engagement rate