THE RAYY is launching their latest new collection – « Facets », a collection that anchored the brand in its universe.For this collection, The RAYY partnered with artiste @BlancaMiroSkoudy to create artistic illustrations for the jewelry reflection. Shapes and messages can be personalized. The influencers are the voice and the image presenter of this new collection and this year we want to collaborate with them, using their creative and innovative vision to bring visibility to the brand concept and encourage your community to wear more ethical jewelry. We invited them to reveal their “hidden side”. The image of how we present ourselves to the public does not always fully represent us. Sometimes we can look rational from the outside, but only our inner self knows how emotional we actually are. We all have a side that we don’t usually reveal to the others, a hidden side that no one knows. The new Facet collection is a mirror that reveal our hidden facet.

Creative direction and concept, Influencer casting, Influencer management.


The results

6 influencers 23 publications 613k reach 2.1M impressions 1% engagement 25K interactions