At the start of the year, Swatch is launching a new collection: CLEAR. It is a line that brings us back to the essential, to elegance and purity. This campaign is about highlighting this moment of clarity, this click that allows us to forget the past and move forward. The leitmotif “RESET GO CLEAR” is a spirit turned towards creativity, inventiveness and optimism. The goal is to leave behind what is holding us back, start with a blank page and look forward to a future full of opportunity.

To promote this collection, we worked with creative artists like dancers, photographers, and graphic designers. Their creative universe and their expertise make them the perfect talents that “RESET GO CLEAR”. They used their creative and innovative vision to challenge their communities to be as creative as they are to win a watch.

Strategy & Creative Concept, Influencer Casting & Management, Influencer Brief & Reporting


The results

8 influencers | 84 publications | 553,3K impressions | 103,9K reach | 3,98% engagement rate | 14,6K interactions | 17,2K earned media value