The Swiss Federal Railways, SBB CFF FCC, Switzerland’s national railway company, entrusted YKONE to launch a campaign aimed at reshaping the perception of train travel as a fundamental aspect of Swiss lifestyle. Our goal is to increase affection for the brand by showcasing its environmentally friendly, comfortable, immersive, and practical features while also raising awareness about its positive impact on the environment compared to cars.

To achieve this, YKONE developed a strategy leveraging influencers to share their authentic experiences with SBB CFF FCC through engaging vlogs. Our aim was to position train travel as a key element of a sustainable lifestyle. Our tactics included promoting daily journeys and excursions, highlighting the diverse experiences offered by train travel, and actively engage the audiences.

Influencers Casting & Booking, Campaign Management & Reporting, Artistic Direction & Creative Guidelines

Geneva, Switzerland

The Results

10 social icons | 340 posts | 4.6M impressions | 45.7K interactions | 719.5K reach | 4% engagement rate