Pradasphere II is a public exhibition that showcases the rich history and culture of Prada, spanning from its founding in 1913 to the present. To ensure a successful event, Prada enlisted the expertise of YKONE to assist on-site and produce engaging video and static content for their social media platforms.

YKONE’s involvement covered various content phases, including teasing, sustaining, and ongoing elements, resulting in a cohesive representation of the exhibition. To kick off the teaser campaign, YKONE created a trilogy of videos, each capturing Prada‘s essence across different timelines and featuring iconic figures.

Additionally, YKONE produced a video showcasing the exhibition venue and event highlights. During the exhibition, large screens displaying Prada‘s iconic collections were strategically placed throughout the space, creating an immersive experience for visitors. Using AI technology, YKONE enhanced video resolutions and created rotoscopes to be broadcasted on the screens, further enhancing the exhibition’s impact.

Content Production, Artistic Direction & Creative Guidelines

Shanghai, China

Opening Event Recap

A Look Back On Past Collections