Penhaligon’s, a symbol of English artistic perfumery, entrusted YKONE to generate awareness for their Portrait Collection for a Valentine’s Day campaign. The Portrait Collection features fragrances named after members of the British aristocracy. For this campaign, the fragrances “Lord George” and “Duchess Rose” were chosen to be highlighted.

To enhance the campaign’s visibility, YKONE cast and booked four social icons to create engaging content around both fragrances. Following our creative guidelines, the influencers produced captivating Instagram & TikTok content in photo and video formats, showcasing the perfumes in a creative and emotional manner, similar to a love story—perfect for a Valentine’s Day campaign.

Influencers Casting & Booking, Campaign Management & Reporting, Artistic Direction & Creative Guidelines, Autonomous Content Creation

Münich, Germany

The Results

4 social icons | 12 posts | 270K impressions | 170K reach