Parfums Grès, an esteemed maison within the Lalique Group, is renowned for designing fragrances that celebrate and admire divine women. To create engagement for the launch of their new perfume “Cabochard,” Grès Paris sought to promote the fragrance in an artistic manner. To achieve this objective, YKONE orchestrated a micro-influencer campaign, aligning the artistic direction with the brand’s global marketing campaign.

YKONE meticulously crafted divine creative guidelines that encapsulated the essence of the perfume and its unique characteristics. These guidelines served as the creative foundation for the campaign, ensuring consistency and a cohesive artistic vision.

In addition, YKONE expertly curated a selection of five creative talents, chosen for their ability to authentically embody and showcase the iconic nature of the perfume. These influencers were carefully selected to deliver compelling content on Instagram, captivating their audiences and generating engagement.

Through this strategic collaboration between YKONE and the selected influencers, the Grès perfume launch campaign successfully merged artistry and marketing to create a powerful and captivating promotional campaign that resonated with audiences and heightened anticipation for the new fragrance.

Artistic Direction & Creatives Guidelines, Campaign Management & Reporting, Influencers Booking, Influencers Casting 

Geneva, Switzerland

The Results

5 social icons | 39 posts | 690K impressions | 228K reach | 15.8K interactions | 1.4% engagement rate