Support the launch of the new coupe crossover Juke and excite the B-suv segment with tech and style

Leverage key opinion leaders to boost awareness at launch and create a Juke story to promote its uniqueness style and performances. INFLUENCER ACTIVATION JOURNEY : A 3 STAGES STRATEGY
1. UNVEIL EVENT Reveal the new Nissan crossover coupé and Spotlight its unique personality during an exciting and secret event
2. LIVE EVENT Establish the Juke positioning and bring tech and style to the forefront through a test drive
3. LAUNCH Show the Juke unique personality and look & feel to establish its superiority

Paris, France

The results

Performances Reach : 2,1 Mi Impressions : 35,1Mi Engagement rate 1,9%% (vs 1,5% Automotive industry average)
Campaign ROI : 5,5