YKONE creates premium content for myBlend, the pioneering beauty brand of CLARINS group, for multiple campaigns along the year.

YKONE’s expertise in producing high-quality content is crucial in capturing the essence of myBlend’s brand identity, while constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.
The resulting photos and videos portray the intrinsic qualities of myBlend’s ecosystem, showcasing their nutricosmetics, dermacosmetics, and techcosmetics products in stunning details, through products, textures and applications focuses, allowing people to experience them in an immersive and engaging way.

Overall, Ykone’s collaboration with myBlend is a resounding success, creating a powerful and unforgettable campaigns that will leave a lasting impression on customers.


Content Production

Paris, France


Always On

Reinforcing the nutritional, dermatological and technological concepts through product focus, textures and applications.


Highlight myBlend products for Christmas to take care of their skincare for the festive season.