The Michelin Guide, an iconic directory for gastronomy, hotels, and tourism, entrusted YKONE to enhance their hotel selection between Tokyo and Kyoto in the Asian market. The campaign’s aim was to illustrate how Michelin’s digital platform enables exceptional hotel experiences tailored to different budgets and inspires future travel plans. To accomplish this, YKONE orchestrated a comprehensive and multifaceted influencer marketing campaign, selecting seven lifestyle and travel content creators from different Asian countries to highlight the diversity and excellence of Michelin’s hotel selection.

YKONE guided content creators to feature the hotel rooms, amenities, curated activities, and the functionality of the digital platform on Instagram. YKONE’s creative guidelines ensured effective showcasing of the platform’s features. We also coordinated a four-day journey, including stays at Michelin-selected hotels, culinary experiences, and cultural excursions.

Influencers Casting & Booking, Campaign Management & Reporting, Artistic Direction & Creative Guidelines, Content Production 


The Results

7 social icons | 254 posts | 9.3M impressions | 93.7K interactions | 781K reach | 1.53% engagement rate