MGM Resorts International stands as a prominent global gaming and entertainment entity. It boasts a presence in both national and international settings, offering top-tier hotels and casinos, cutting-edge conference facilities, exceptional live and theatrical entertainment, and a diverse range of restaurants, nightlife, and retail options. In a groundbreaking partnership in 2022, MGM Resorts collaborated with YKONE to harness the dynamic potential of the creator economy. The aim was to fuel demand for travel to its Las Vegas brands and generate an abundance of assets to sustain the needs of dozens of digital properties.

YKONE reimagined MGM Resorts influencer marketing program, crafting an always-on, multi-tiered strategy. YKONE identified with precision creators capable of weaving compelling, niche narratives related to food, sports, entertainment, and culture. We also managed the venue for hundreds of creators that required meticulous planning and a robust booking system.

This initiative generated a year’s worth of assets, fueling MGM Resorts’ owned marketing channels and providing a deep well, of captivating content for audiences. The collaboration between MGM Resorts and YKONE not only redefined influencer marketing but also solidified Las Vegas as a top destination. 

Campaign Management & Reporting, Event Production, Influencers Booking, Influencers Casting

Las Vegas, USA

The Results

181 social icons | 3.2K posts | 212M impressions | 5M interactions | 3.8x ROI | 2.2% engagement rate