In 2023, the Las Vegas Grand Prix made its electrifying debut, expanding formula 1’s reach and captivating a growing american fanbase. Formula One’s goal was to generate worldwide excitement and establish this race as a must-see event in the f1 calendar.

Under a tight deadline, YKONE expertly organized an unparalleled influencer event for the Las Vegas Grand Prix. We hosted 40 top social media influencers and their guests, ensuring a high-profile gathering.

YKONE skillfully orchestrated a series of unique and exclusive experiences for our Social Icons, leading to an abundance of engaging content. Our creators had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of the action with exclusive grid walks, behind-the-scenes garage tours, and exhilarating hot laps alongside professional drivers.

Our influencers also showcased the depth that the destination has to offer, emphasizing the range from nightlife to Cirque du Soleil shows, Grand Canyon tours to driving supercars.

They conveyed to their audiences that the Las Vegas Grand Prix is a can’t-miss moment on the annual race calendar thanks to the proximity and the unique possibilities it offers when combined with surrounding events.

Our comprehensive planning covered everything from travel arrangements to partnering with premium hotels and entertainment properties, creating a luxurious and thrilling experience that went beyond just the race track.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix harnessed the creator and celebrity economy to produce a years worth of content, generate massive buzz and drive meaningful engagements introducing a new grand prix to an emerging us audience.

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Las Vegas, USA