Explora Journeys, a premier luxury cruise company under the MSC Group, entrusted YKONE to launch the inaugural season of the Explora I ship through a series of influencer experiences. The primary goal was to establish the brand as a symbol of luxury, design, and lifestyle, therefore amplifying brand visibility, fostering greater awareness, and elevating brand perception.

To achieve this, YKONE created a crew of  influencers whose characteristics aligned the essence of the brand. We tailored experiences showcasing Explora I’s features, amenities and dedication to top-tier luxury travel. Our strategy focused on briefing influencers to create captivating narratives, in both pictures as well as videos, positioning Explora Journeys as the peak of sophistication and adventure in luxury travel.

Influencers Casting & Booking, Campaign Management & Reporting, Artistic Direction & Creative Guidelines, Strategy Consultancy & Auditing

Caribbean Islands

The Results

19 social icons | 555 posts | 74.5M impressions | 611.4K interactions | 5.7M reach