Renowned for their skincare innovations, Clarins collaborated with YKONE to modernize the perception of the Aroma line by integrating it into the lifestyles of powerful and inspiring personalities.

YKONE‘s approach involved creating inspiring content and authentic storytelling, aligning with Clarins‘ values and aspirations. The Aroma range offers a variety of scents perfect for different preferences and needs. To showcase the essence of these products, YKONE picked 4 social icons to incorporate the unique characteristics of each Aroma perfume into their content during the first phase of the campaign.

To improve this autonomous content creation campaign with premium assets, YKONE has also partnered with the most influential premium monthly women’s magazine in France, Marie-Claire, to produce and share video interviews on their Instagram and TikTok pages.

Influencers Casting, Autonomous Content Creation, Artistic Direction & Creative Guidelines,
Campaign Management & Reporting

Paris, France

The Results

4 social icons | 32 posts | 494.3K impressions | 213.8K reach | 9K interactions