Chopard, a longstanding partner of YKONE, has reached out to us to support the launch of their latest jewellery collection: My Happy Hearts. This unique collection distinguishes itself from its predecessors with a specific market positioning. 

YKONE’s strategy for the My Happy Hearts collection launch included two pillars working in synergy: an institutional global campaign featuring two celebrities who speak to Gen Z target audience, the actress Camille Razat and the model Malika Louback, as well as an autonomous content creation campaign with 17 influencers relaying the messaging across multiple platforms, with a focus on TikTok and Youtube.

Together, YKONE and Chopard designed an effective and immersive experience with a more decontracted approach to content creation, creating a feeling of closeness with their new focus audience which maximized the success of the launch.

Artistic Direction & Creative Guidelines, Influencers Casting & Booking, Content Production, Procurement & Legal Supervision, Campaign Management & Reporting

Paris, France

Institutional Global Campaign

Autonomous Content Creation

The results

19 social icons | 182 posts | 44.4M impressions | 13.3M reach | 2.1K interactions | 3.2% engagement rate