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In an effort to provide a valuable solution to travel and hospitality brands, while continuing to be an industry leader in support of the fashion and luxury industry, YKONE Miami was launched this month, adding the vibrant destination to the influencer marketing agencies global presence.

Joining YKONE offices located in Paris, Milan, Berlin, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Tunis, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Geneva, YKONE has set its sights on its newest destination — Miami.

Launched in Paris in 2008, YKONE is a global leader in influencer marketing and has supported world-class brands ranging from L’Oréal and Gucci to Nespresso and LVMH. In recent years, YKONE has also expanded its niche to the travel vertical, bringing creative, industry-differentiating influencer marketing solutions for brands such as Dubai Tourism, Go Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Visit the USA and Marriott International.

YKONE Miami will build on the agency’s momentum in travel and hospitality and provide strategic marketing and staffing solutions tailored to an industry that is in much need of more dedicated and differentiated approach to influencer marketing.

A Solution for Travel

Beyond being a tropical paradise, Miami is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the United States, with its unique ability to combine travel, business and luxury. A quality that has become all the more pronounced since the pandemic created an influx of jobs and technological talent in the heart of the city. Located in the vibrant Miami Design District, the new agency will aim to specialize as a unique solution for travel brands.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a massive impact across all industries, but none greater than travel. In the U.S. alone, according to U.S. Travel Association, 2020 travel spending declined by more than 500 Billion when compared with 2019 and globally that number is closer to 4.5 trillion according to the World Travel and Tourism Council.

There is no need to further recap what the pandemic has meant to the free flow of travelers across borders, but that difficult outlook that was seen in 2020 and through parts of 2021 appears to have a light at the end of the tunnel. As borders begin opening and global vaccination rates increase, YKONE is well positioned to leverage influencer storytelling and creative content development to not only showcase the beauty and connective joy of travel, but also demonstrate safety as we know that will be a non-negotiable aspect of the travel landscape. Little by little, influencers will show that travel is still possible, and that destinations across the Americas are ready to welcome them.

At the helm of YKONE’s latest venture is Nick Mattera, Vice President, Americas who, with the help of a dynamic team will provide valuable strategic guidance to the travel industry.

Nick Mattera, Vice President Americas

A travel industry leader, with over 10 years in the hospitality space, Nick joins YKONE USA after holding senior leadership positions where he managed global integrated marketing campaigns, influencer strategies and global social media efforts for brands such as Visit The USA, Visit Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International and Dubai Tourism.

Brand USA worked with YKONE on a road trip across the American Southwest

YKONE has partnered with TGA, Go Turkiye on a year long collaboration

Since 2017 Visit Dubai has been working with YKONE

Since January 2020 YKONE has been working with Visit Abu Dhabi

Beyond Travel

While YKONE Miami will lean in on the travel and tourism industry, it will also not forget the DNA of YKONE as an agency which is truly a global leader in luxury and fashion. YKONE’s global presence supports A Vast Portfolio of Clients That Only Continues to Grow.

With over a decade’s experience in the luxury industry, YKONE is proud to have helped tell a plethora of iconic brand stories, ranging from fashion houses to beauty brands and luxury spirits.

Among YKONE’s starry portfolio of clients are some of the most prestigious global brands — from watchmakers like TAG Heuer and Omega, to coffee maestros Nespresso, and fashion and beauty brands such as Gucci, L’Oréal, COTY and others.

TAG Heuer Carrera’s campaign

Gucci Bloom’s campaign

Chiara Ferragni x Nespresso’ campaign

Technology: CAMPAYGN: The Game-Changing Asset

YKONE set itself apart as an international leader thanks to its digital-first approach. Combining strategy, data and bespoke creative solutions, the agency built its reputation as brand storytellers across the globe. With an unequivocal standard for quality, the agency works with a diverse team of creatives to conceptualize, produce and deliver unique brand content from start to finish.

In addition to custom content creation, YKONE has developed an in-house digital tool known as Campaygn. The technology offers an advanced influencer analytics platform, made up of a database to monitor, measure and track influencer marketing investments. Today, YKONE offers a 360° approach to influencer marketing, made possible by its unique ability to integrate influencers across all brand touchpoints. Campaign enables YKONE to ensure trust within organizations in leveraging influencer strategies, but also becomes an integral tool in any marketers playbook.

CAMPAYGN technology for the optimization of the digital influencer marketing activities

YKONE’s new chapter in Miami is just starting and we are excited to provide a meaningful solution to brands in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

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