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October 14, 2022

YKONE wins 2 awards at Connections

With the Chantelle One lingerie line launch campaign, YKONE is honored to be among CONNECTIONS by le Book's Creative Awards winners in 2 categories:  "Special Projects" (in Geneva) and "Technology…
October 13, 2022

La culture en réponse à “l’influenceur fatigue” ?

Après plus de 10 000 exemplaires vendus en 2016, la seconde édition de l’ouvrage Luxe & Digital sortira le 12 octobre 2022 chez DUNOD Éditions. Dirigé par Eric Briones, il explore les…
July 24, 2022

YKONE welcomes a new investor and displays bigger ambitions

Future Tech Retail (FTR), a technology and retail solutions investment company just acquired an 80.5% stake in YKONE, the world’s most trusted influencer marketing group. This investment is the testimonial…
July 19, 2022

“Émotions de Peau” podcast: YKONE and Louie Creative give voice to myBlend

YKONE, the most trusted influencer marketing partner for beauty brands, has signed the repositioning campaign for myBlend, the pioneering brand of the Clarins Group. This large-scale campaign is based on…

About Ykone

YKONE is an agency specialized in influencer marketing. Originally based in Paris, YKONE is essentially focused on the fields of luxury and beauty, and works alongside the most prestigious international brands to create and produce campaigns for the social networks.


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In the News

July 28 2021

Influencer Marketing Firm Ykone Gets New Owner, Makes Push in the U.S.

July 21 2022

YKONE acquisisce la quota di maggioranza dell’agenzia di influencer marketing tedesca Cover

July 19 2022

Einige deutsche Marken werden bald ihre Komfortzone verlassen

June 23 2022

YKONE filialise sa production en créant Oddly Enough

May 22 2022

MyBlend se réinvente avec YKONE

April 14 2022

YKONE continue de poser ses pions dans le monde

April 2 2022

Women of influence help rewrite watchmakers’ alpha male messages

March 15 2021

YKONE Accélère son Développement en Asie

February 23 2021

Giuseppe Zanotti to Host Clubhouse Event With High-profile Personalities

August 03 2020

YKONE, la 1ère agence internationale de marketing d’influence débarque en Tunisie

March 25 2019

Ykone03 digital
art exhibition

February 24 2020

La mode, victime collatérale
du coronavirus

January 21 2019

Les plateformes de Marketing
d’influence cherchent leur business model

May 04 2018

Aufeminin va s’adjuger 75 % de l’agence
marketing digitale YKONE

April 27 2018

Influence : Aufeminin devient
majoritaire au capital d’YKONE

April 21 2018

February 4 2018

YKONE at Ellia Art

January 29 2018

January 14 2018

How Instagram influencers
turn followers into dollars

April 04 2017

YKONE at Berlin
Fashion Festival

May 04 2016

La mode à l’ère

April 04 2015

May 29 2013

Luxe 2.0,
c’est déjà demain

March 18 2013

Le luxe se pique de
réseaux sociaux

December 15 2012


October 02 2012

Les réseaux sociaux, nouveaux podiums des maisons de luxe ?

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