Martell, one of the oldest French cognac houses, embarked on a mission to elevate their brand presence and unveil their new prestigious L’Or de Jean Martell bottle to the world. YKONE was delighted to collaborate with the brand to host content creators for a weekend in Cognac, taking them on an exclusive discovery of Maison Martell and its distillery, and ending it with a gala dinner for the new bottle reveal.

YKONE‘s approach was comprehensive. In collaboration with our in-house production team, Oddly Enough Production, we orchestrated content and event production, and activated social icons from diverse regions including the USA, Austria, China, and the Netherlands. Through this collaboration, Martell not only introduced their L’Or de Jean Martell bottle but also solidified their position as a leading name in the world of luxury spirits.

Influencers Casting & Booking, Content Production, Artistic Direction & Creative Guidelines, Campaign Management & Reporting

Cognac, France

The Results

7 social icons | 127 posts | 33.4M impressions | 3.3M reach | 88.6K interactions