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In 2021, in an increasingly demanding industry, it is important to bring more professional metrics to obtain successful influencer castings. Use of KPIs such as engagement rate, impressions, or a number of likes is no longer sufficient to succeed in a campaign on social media.

Going beyond traditional KPIs to identify the effective reach

Effective reach is calculated using the audience overlap of selected influencers for a campaign. Audience overlap allows you to compare different audiences at once and see the actual share of unique followers that overlap among those audiences. That is how to track effective reach.

Understanding this metric of audience overlap helps to get maximum impact when running digital campaigns and in return improve ROI.

So is overlap good or bad?

Thanks to audience overlap, we can understand if the message will be delivered to the right person, the best number of times. Avoiding the waste of time and money to fight for the same audience’s attention.

Audience overlap is easily calculated with the right platform tool:

Estimate the integrity of cross-platform audience reach, frequency of message, and overall effectiveness of the marketing efforts with Campaygn, our influencer marketing technology.

2 strategies for 2 objectives to apply with this data:

Awareness: diversification of audience is key

If you’re looking for awareness, you will need to focus your campaign on a team of influencers with an audience rating closest to 100%. Your reach will therefore be higher overall and will prevent you from activating profiles with a very similar audience.

Conversion: Get the message repeated

In the logic of social selling, and therefore getting the attention of a specific target, choosing a crew of influencers with a similar audience will give you the opportunity to increase sales by driving more consideration and driving higher interest to conversion.

The more visible the product is to the same audience, the more it will stay in peoples’ minds. The more people see a product featured by the influencer, the more likely they are keen to buy it. Indeed, few people are attracted to a product when they see it for the first time. On the other hand, after seeing it 3, 4, or 5 times, it will raise their interest and further influence their buying decision.

By understanding the audience overlapping metrics, you can create the best influencer marketing campaigns to answer your objectives. You are now ready to build your most effective influencer campaign.