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Moët&Chandon - © Ykone
Moët&Chandon - © Ykone
Moët&Chandon - © Ykone


The Now, a new brand positioning
The brand wanted to highlight a dynamic change of communication & what makes champagne so special: the joy of the present moment.

Ykone’s answer: The now

We proposed an annual program with the concept of “The Now.” It is a clear appropriation of the contemporary carpe diem culture by the brand, an ode to the present moment, a blast of spontaneity and enthusiasm.
It’s a moment, a sensation, an attitude that unites us on this bold journey called life, and that revels in the thrill of living.

To amplify memorable consumption moments and create these happy occurrences, Moët & Chandon was in need of creative and innovative content throughout the year.
Our objective was to be the first to offer specific storytelling for champagne through a bespoke influencer program.

A step further

We worked with 19 trendy, digital personalities who shared and enjoyed moments of leisure and spread enthusiasm throughout the year.
Powerful, enthusiastic, daring, generous, creative and niche, the 19 influencers were chosen for their affinity with the brand. A must-have for Champagne is to make people dream through stylish and inspiring people.

Creative Award 2016 - LeBook Connections
During the LeBook exhibition which took place in London in 2016, Ykone received the award for Best Creative Campaign for our work with Moët & Chandon.