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Le Bon marché - © Ykone
Le Bon marché - © Ykone
Le Bon marché - © Ykone
Le Bon marché - © Ykone
Le Bon marché - © Ykone
Le Bon marché - © Ykone

@Le Bon marché

Le Bon Marché wanted to stand out from its competition through an original strategy that consisted on creating content for the collection with Loïc Prigent.
Their priority was to address the fashion conscious Parisian audience.

Ykone’s answer: #entenduaubonmarche

We proposed the branded campaign #entenduaubonmarché to reach a niche target.
We set up a photoshoot in Le Bon Marché to convey the unique atmosphere of the department store.
The influencers highlighted their shopping experience, captured by Sophie Arancio - a young photographer who works with fashion and luxury brands.
She captured moments of playful fun with elegance, creating a series that exudes life and personality with different product placements.

We chose to work with micro influencers to complete the overall communication campaign and engage a niche target through tailored content with a strong identity.
3 influencers were selected for their affinity with the universe of Le Bon Marché.
‘It’ girls, models, new faces, with highly engaged communities that also perfectly represent style à la parisienne and Le Bon Marché.

A step further

We Capitalised on the power of micro influencers to target the right audience : fashionista who can afford shopping at Le Bon Marché.