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The Ykone way of doing influencer marketing - © Ykone
Ykone Award at le book Connections in Milano - © Ykone
Ykone x aufeminin: the unity of the greatest - © Ykone
Ykone on the go, more than ever - © Ykone
#Ykone02 - © Ykone
Ykone's conversation with the Financial Times - © Ykone

The Ykone way of doing influencer marketing

Increasingly popular with brands, Influencer Marketing is an ideal way to reach new and existing consumers, including Millennials. Influencer marketing lets brands to adapt their digital strategies to match the codes of social networks and new technologies. For brands, influencers are indeed a boon because these opinion leaders, popular and respected by their fans and followers, have already won the trust of future customers. In this way, brands can quickly gain credibility and reach new audiences.

We are proud of our successes

Ykone is a growing agency of 45 people, working in 8 markets and an annual revenue of approx. $11m in 2018. This year was a big one for Ykone! Indeed, we realised 389 projects for 124 local and international brands!

Our team is proud to have partnered with top brands, and talented influencers and models from around the world. Here are just a few highlights from last year:

We hosted 18 conferences in 9 countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Copenhagen, Romania and Finland. Each event was the perfect opportunity to highlight and discuss a current and relevant topic in influencer marketing. Select clients, local influencers and key opinion leaders were invited to join the discussion in order to offer up a diverse and well-rounded take on where the industry is headed.

In support of the conferences, last October, we published the next in our Insights influencer marketing report series, with the most recent issue exploring in depth the topic of brand and influencer co-creation. The report looked at over 20 successful partnerships between brands and influencers, including Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid, M.A.C Cosmetics x Fouz Al Fahad, and Make Beauty x Madelynn De la Rosa, among others. Through our research, we identified 4 key advantages of co-creation, with a focus on brand image and new customer acquisition. You can download your copy in PDF format by clicking here. Stay tuned for the next issue of Insights in 2019.
In February, Ykone hosted our 2nd creative exhibition, YKONE02, at the Ellia Art Gallery in Paris. The exhibition showcased a unique selection of artworks from our favorite influencers and artists, including Quentin Monge, Romain Laprade, Inès Mélia, Ecoute Chérie, Victor Malecot, Claire Margueritte, Mar Ordonez, and Molly Tibbetts. More than 500 of our clients, influencer partners, and friends gathered together to make this event one of the most memorable, inspiring and fun in years. Stay tuned for YKONE03 in March! Details are forthcoming soon.
Lastly, we are proud to have been received creative awards from Le Book Connections creative conference for projects created with German fashion brand ESCADA and Giorgio Armani.

We are International

Ykone is already present in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Asia, delivering on all four continents from its seven offices in Paris, Berlin, Dubai, London, New York, Copenhagen, and Bangalore.

In January 2019, we will officially open our first office in Milan, and will welcome a new Managing Director to oversee our operations there. We’ve already realised numerous Italian campaigns, having worked for years with brands such as Benetton, Officine Panerai, Roberto Cavalli or Van’s, so open an office in Milan is an important milestone for the agency that better positions us to serve our Italian brand clients.

2019 will also see Ykone opening an office in Amsterdam, and we have plans to establish a presence in Southeast Asia within 2 years.

Data is in our DNA

Ykone’s success is based in part on our unique approach to combine creativity and technology, effectively bridging emotional engagement and social performance.

Our own platform and technology - Campaygn - lets us cast influencers and measure the results of our projects with precision. In 2018, we analysed 18,2 million posts, and grew our database of influencers to 22,600 profiles globally, representing 101 countries with a total of 10,5 billion followers.

We are proud to announce a number of new features to Campaygn, including the ability to forecast reach, impressions, engagement rate and media value, ahead of campaign launch; the tracking of Instagram Stories for more accurate reporting; identification of fake followers to ensure the best castings possible; and an export feature that lets generate a .PDF of all campaign posts, in real-time with performance metrics, with the click of a button.

And there is more to come! Please stay tuned.

We are a growing, International team

Last year, we welcomed many new faces to Ykone, including:

Sara Menouni, who joined the agency as Creative Director. Prior to joining Ykone, Sara worked in traditional advertising as a Strategic Planner for over 4 years, after starting her career at Vogue in Paris.

Ignacio Ortega joined the Ykone team as Creative Consultant, after 2 years working for Jacquemus.

We also welcomed Solene Gian and Lychee Hericher as Project Managers in Paris, and Fatima- Zhora Lachhab as an Accountant.

The Middle East is now a key market for Ykone, with our talented Dubai team leading the way for influencer marketing in the region. In 2018, we welcomed Quentin Douce is our new Business Director of Ykone MENA. Quentin is responsible for driving growth in the Middle East, and also in Africa, India and Asia.

Elham Mogharbel joined our Dubai team as an Account Manager, and we welcomed Lana AlBeik, Meenakshi Bajpai and Parvané Barret as Project Managers.

We do it BIG!

2018 was an important year in the evolution of Ykone, with the agency being acquired by aufeminin Group. Creator of communities, aufeminin is a global media group, present in more than 20 countries in Europe, North Africa, North America and Latin America. Started in 1999 to respond specifically to the needs of a female audience, aufeminin Group boasts 500 employees and generated a turnover of € 113.5 million in 2017. The group includes in its portfolio the following iconic brands: aufeminin, Marmiton, My Little Paris, Merci Alfred, Onmeda, Etoile Casting, Netmums, Magnetism, Ykone and Livingly Media.

Just after Ykone’s acquisition by aufeminin, the group was acquired by French media company, TF1.

The joining of forces of aufeminin and Ykone is a major first in the field of marketing influence. The acquisition symbolizes the continuous evolution of aufeminin, which is focused on the development of its e-commerce platform and wishes to offer customers even more ROI-oriented campaigns, and the combined expertise of the two players helps position Ykone as world leader able to support the the biggest brands in the deployment of more and more ambitious influencer programs.

We look to the future

The future of influencer marketing is bright, and we have huge ambition to bring out expertise to the travel industry. We’ve been working already with Visit Dubai for 2 years, to date, bringing more than 200 influencers to Dubai to experience all that the city has to offer.

We also see opportunity to assist FMCG brands in their efforts to reach new audiences, as more mass-market brands recognise the influencer marketing opportunity as a way to engage with consumers on social media.