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Ykone x aufeminin: the unity of the greatest - © Ykone
Ykone on the go, more than ever - © Ykone
#Ykone02 - © Ykone
Ykone's conversation with the Financial Times - © Ykone
WASO: All things beautiful come from nature - © Ykone

Ykone x aufeminin: the unity of the greatest

We are excited and proud to announce that aufeminin proceeded to the acquisition of a majority stake in Ykone.

This is the first major acquisition in the field of influencer marketing.

Our combined expertise will enable us to respond to the needs of the exploding market and increasingly deploy ambitious campaigns.

As we announced to you last month, Ykone concluded a remarkable year in 2017 with a turnover of 10M€ and an impressive growth of 38% (2016 vs 2017). Thanks to the support of the aufeminin group, Ykone intends to triple its income by 2020. We will be able to fulfill the most daring projects of our clients, who we have been supporting for the last 10 years, along with those to come.

Since the creation of the agency, major international groups such as Richemont, LVMH, Clarins, L'Oreal, Estée Lauder, Coty, and Kering, have been inspiring us to think about the future of influencer marketing, to work on progressively ambitious campaigns and to measure their performance with an ever-increasing precision.

In the last 3 years, the agency has expanded to all continents: “Ykone is the only influencer marketing agency capable of activating influencers on all continents.” recalls Olivier Billion, the founding president.

Our team of 50 international social media experts, creative consultants and data engineers are already present in Paris, Dubai, Berlin, London, Copenhagen, New York and Bangalore. This merger will enable us to accelerate our international expansion, particularly in Italy and Spain, where the aufeminin group is already well established.

According to Marie-Laure Sauty de Chalon, President of the aufeminin group: “This acquisition will be a unique opportunity to develop innovative synergies between aufeminin and Ykone, for the benefit of our customers.”

Ykone will benefit from the expertise of the media giant, allowing us to significantly improve the performance of our campaigns. 

Lastly, the merger with aufeminin marks a peak moment for the two players, a history of affinity and a shared vision: “More than just being attracted by the media group, we have grown close to the aufeminin's teams. Our mutual bond will pave the way to redesigning the media space. The experience and passion of our combined talents will help us to shape the future of advertising.” says Olivier Billon.

We are thrilled to open this new chapter with you.