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How influencers turn followers into business? - © Ykone
When influencers become brand collaborators, How to successfully co-create? - © Ykone

How influencers turn followers into business?

In a digital world where people give you 1.2 seconds of their attention, among the 95 000 daily posts on Instagram, how do we make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Meet the expectations
To measure the ROI of an influencer campaign, you have to clearly define your objectives.
Ykone managed one of the most ambitious campaigns ever produced for the Dubai Tourism Office : #visitdubai. Unprecedented results, more than 200 influencers involved in 11 countries, 1,5 billion interactions... This is the project of all records.

Follow the rules to break them for good
Build a strategy and stick to precise guidelines to push the limits of creativity.
We’ll give you the recipe for a one-of-a-kind campaign that created strong engagement : Waso line for Shiseido. Styling, location, video format, body language, every detail of the production led to a dreamy, poetic, refreshing and highly engaging campaign.

Make them live the dream
Leverage the influencer PR experience to get more qualitative and engaging results throught a master content creation: the #ESCADAiniceland for ESCADA.

Scalability matters
Let’s go further with brands that master the art of scaling creative campaigns for massive results.
Sonia Rykiel celebrated its 50th birthday gathering all the best practices in terms of influence
& Net-à-porter reinvented the traditional lookbook through stunning influencers’ experience.

Click to buy is finally coming!
The future of influencer marketing is lying in a better understanding and calculation of ROI.
It is crucial to use and manage the latest social media features. Instagram is an authentic, engaging platform that allows conversion. This is definitely the platform to master.