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The art of collab: How influencers became co-creators - © Ykone
How influencers turn followers into business? - © Ykone

The art of collab: How influencers became co-creators

Our team has looked at over 20 successful partnerships, involving brands Tommy Hilfiger, M.A.C Cosmetics, Make Beauty, Becca, and others, from a global perspective. Within these studies, we have identified 4 key advantages of co-creation, focused on brand image and new customer acquisition.

#1 Why so big is the potential for brands?

Partnering with a high profile influencer on a big scale or celebrity is a fast and efficient way to shed a new light on a brand and rejuvenate it. Most of the time it is a strategic move that allows brand to reach a younger demographic and create news iconic products to build their « cool » factor around.

#2 Storytelling: a new tale to tell

Partnering with an influencer with their personal taste, story and aesthetic is a great starting point to create a product with a strong storytelling and identity.

#3 Proximity

Working with an influencer means that an actual human being is the gateway to your brand and company. Moreover, the collaborative process is often shared and give a glimpse of the behind the scene of the company and the product making from design to production. In the age of transparency, this is highly valuable. The influencer has to bring a real input that enables in depth content and marketing. One constant & consistently used hashtag for this specific collection is recommended, as well as engaging and frequent content posted both by the brand and the influencer. Inaddition, make it temporary; a limited time creates hype and desire around the collection.

#4 Consumer authority

Before being a partner, an influencer is first and foremost a consumer. If the partnership is relevant, they are co-creating a product they need, use and love. It gives great insight and means that everything from conception to marketing will be consumer centric and oriented and that your Reason To Believe is the strongest one : personal recommandation.

Where to now?

For us, it is now or never : Co-creation is a safe bet
Influencers collaboration are not a trend you have to give in to. They are, as every marketing project is, an answer to a challenge.
You need to identify precisely the marketing, business or image challenge that you want to address through the collaboration before.