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Panerai - © Ykone
Panerai - © Ykone
Panerai - © Ykone
Panerai - © Ykone


The objective of the brand was to create a communication strategy that focused on the specificities and the savoir faire of the Panerai watch design. The strategy was aimed to create desirability for the brand and strengthen their global presence on the digital sphere.

Ykone’s answer: the singular encounters #paneraihereandnow

For the upcoming year, Panerai is all about special encounters. A moment out of time, in between past, present and future, where our favorite Paneristi will meet. A time to connect with the brands and live incredible experiences. An encounter between the earth and the sea, the bold and the wise, the heritage and the modernity. In a word: singular encounters tra paneristi.

For the first activation of the annual program we organized a unique Odyssey on the Eilean with 2 digital ambassadors. The perfect occasion to build an organic & emotional relationship with the brand and create amazing narrative content: portraits, products placements, live blogging…
The photographer Morgane Lay allowed the influencers take part in the content creation process to produce more personalized and genuine content.

A step further

The selected influencers were in love for Panerai
They shared the brand values and love for the brand. When they met, their different personalities and perceptions of life offered a unique new perspective of Panerai.