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About us

How to make your brand stand out from the crowd?

The most effective way to create engaging and high-converting content is by collaborating with digital content creators.
Through the use of highly creative content, Ykone helps brands to create successful international campaigns that are not only visually appealing and impactful but also deliver tangible results.

Consulting & Strategy

We have the expertise to spot, find and study trends, substantial campaigns, and the new social features that help brands get ahead in the social media race.
Our expertise extends to the organisation of conferences and training workshops / audits of existing social strategies and implementation.

Campaign Management

Managing creative projects from inception to final implementation.
Bringing content creators (or influencers) and brands together as a perfect match.
Each of our clients benefits from a dedicated client partner and a project manager to handle all the operational requirements, coordination with influencers, client management, content creation, approval and execution.

Content creation

Ykone creates original concepts that make a difference and stand out in the digital world.
We collaborate with very professional renowned and rising talents and accompany both the content creators (or influencers) and brands in the content creation process to make sure that its cohesive, innovative and top notch quality.

Data & Analysis

We accompany the client with the evaluation and monitoring, by providing measurements for all KPIs associated with influencer campaigns.
With the help of our technology, Campaygn, we are able to adjust and optimise campaigns in real time for every brand and collaboration.
Our technology also allows us to analyse social posts, calculate impressions, reach, interactions and media value.