YKONE02 : Thank You


Last week we hosted our 2nd exhibition of digital artwork, YKONE02, at the Ellia Art Gallery.

The exhibition featured a unique selection of artwork from our favorite artists, including Quentin Monge, Romain Laprade, Inès Mélia, Ecoute Chérie, Victor Malecot, Claire Margueritte, Mar Ordonez, Molly Tibbetts.

0N6A0646More than 500 of our friends, influencers, clients, partners, and artists gathered together to make this memorable event one of the most inspiring and fun we had in years. We want to thank you all for coming and celebrating creativity, our vision of influencer marketing, and this new year with us.

The minimalist setting of the Ellia Art Gallery, formerly Nikki Diana Marquardt, was the perfect scenery to stage the unique character of the exhibition.This old light factory, an atypical 500m² space under a glass ceiling, was the ideal background for the 85 works on display.

Here is a preview of this lovely evening on Ten Days in Paris.In addition to the opening cocktail, we organized an exclusive shooting dedicated to the exhibition in collaboration with Paul Smith. It was an in-house project that showed our expertise; our artistic direction, our casting, our photographer, our styling, make-up, and production team. We proved that, with the right people, we can create remarkable content in a very limited time. We only need trust and freedom from our clients.

Mar Ordonez, a Spanish photographer we love, shot 5 influencers: Sabina Socol, Jordan Henrion, Jean-Jacques N’Djoli, Ines Melia, Claire Margueritte and Elias Hauter.The series, entitled “Social Beauties” were based on subversion, sensuality and a sharp aesthetic. In her work, Mar skillfully uses emotion and movement to transform her intuition into a creative content. The photos were printed the day following the shoot and exhibited at the center of the scenography.

We are thrilled to have had the chance to share this moment with people who support Ykone. We look forward to making new memories with you in the future.

Since 2008, Ykone has created emotional and relevant social media content for luxury, beauty and fashion brands.

Within the bleak, boring and linear landscape of a social media feed, we open the doors to a bright and inspiring space for 2018.