Ykone’s conversation with the Financial Times


The Financial Times Watches & Jewellery Special Report published this week an interview of Olivier Billon, Ykone President and Company Founder. He shares his expert opinion on the rise of influencer marketing amongst luxury brands.

We have been building the Influencer Marketing business model for 10 years now, yet have never had the opportunity to take a deep breath and reflect on what we’ve achieved. Milena Lazazzera, journalist at the Financial Times, gave us a chance to stop time for a minute and consider the road traveled so far.

Olivier Billon, CEO of Ykone, founded the company based on a deep and accurate intuition: social networks and influencers (bloggers at that time) had a crucial role to play in the future of the luxury, fashion and beauty industries. At Ykone, we know that our success is due to that vision. We lead our business in the same way as we present creative recommendations to our clients. We have won the trust of top brand leaders thanks to our creativity, expertise and strong convictions.

This seems to be the key to succeed online, as Kristina Bazan from Kayture mentioned: “When (I) told (my) father (I) wanted to start a blog, kayture.com, he demanded a business plan and monthly meetings to monitor (my) progress, turning it into a career from the off.

This article depicts our way of using both social network and influencers to reshape the future of advertising. Indeed, we are not talking about basic product placement, but about inspiring brand stories, creativity, and a smart way of using data.

Find out more about our story in the Financial Times article online.