Our Christmas gift : an award for our #entenduaubonmarche campaign!


We are proud to announce that we have won our 3rd creative award during the Le Book Connection fair in Milan on November 14th.

The Le Book Connection jury, consisting of brand and agency directors, voted for our #entenduaubonmarche project in the social/experiential category.

Le Book gathers the most creative agencies in advertising, editorial and events for seminars on a variety of advertising mediums, including, TV, print and digital.We’re proud to stand out with our influencer campaigns, with content that rises above the crowd, thanks to our creative teams and collaborations with inspiring partners.

Here, Le Bon Marché trusted us to find an original approach to communicate Loïc Prigent’s collection of iconic sayings, “overheard at Le Bon Marché“.
Ykone selected 3 girls we love to follow: Louise Follain, Sabina Socol and Camille Jansen, to embody the French writer’s lines.
Sophie Arancio, a young and talented photographer, captured moments of playful fun and elegance, creating a series that exuded life and personality for the campaign.
Le Bon Marché succeeded in distinguishing themselves from the competition, and in turn engaging a niche group of trendy, Parisian fashion insiders, through a campaign that gave a sense of proximity without losing its exclusivity.

Thank you Le Book and your inspired jury for this award.