Influencers in Africa


There are now more than 400m social media subscribers on the African continent, with over 120m Facebook users and younger Africans flocking to Snapchat and Instagram.

Many young Africans online focus on shattering preconceptions and showing a side of Africa away from poverty and corruption, not always seen by the rest of the world.

2016 saw an explosive rise in social media use across Africa – a 50% increase on the previous year.


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The number of users of Instagram has increased by over 200%: In 2015 Instagram had 1,1 million users in South Africa. Latest figures from May 2017 reveal 3,6 million South African users on the platform, and this number is only increasing.


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0,5 m snapchat users: Snapchat has been slow to take root in Kenya, but the platform added a #NairobiLife story in 2015 which shone a light on the capital city, helping to dispel stereotypes about the country.


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91,6 m internet users: This is the highest number of internet users in Africa, and the 8th highest in the world, although this is probably because Nigeria has the highest population in Africa!


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@yagazieemezi (125K followers) – Nigeria
Yagazie is a global traveller who perfectly fuses images from her sojourns with her offbeat, bohemian style. Like others on Instagram, she snaps beautiful objects and people, but it’s her ability to find beauty in things you won’t traditionally label as such that makes her stand out.

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