In bed with…Quyen Mike


Today we want to introduce an influencer we have been working with for several years: Quyen Mike.
Quyen Mike is a British influencer who became known as #MrLevitation.
We interview him to better understand the man behind the photos.

Tell us more about yourself, your passions and where you find inspiration for your work?

Art, photography and travel are probably my biggest passions. I developed an interest in  photography at 12 and started sharing photos online on Flicker & Deviant Art – this was way before  Instagram. I remember being so excited when one of my photos was purchased to be used in a Russian book when I was 14! I’ve also always loved art and have always been really fascinated by classic artists like the surrealist Salvador Dali (FYI – he was the first guy to ‘jump’ in photos) and Rene Magritte – you can definitely see a lot of his influence & style in some of my work.

Growing up I also always wanted to travel the world but my family were always too busy so I didn’t really travel anyway until last year and now I love it.

What does your average working day look like?

Ha! I don’t have an average day – everyday is different. I work 7 days a week and because I love what I do I don’t see it as work. Traveling, editing photos etc isn’t work for me although I hate answering emails. I’m super lucky and get invited on a lot of press trips now which are amazing but super tiring so I spend most days either traveling or sleeping!

What is the biggest milestone in your influencer career to date?

My proudest achievement is to work with top brands and travel to many of the places I’ve always wanted to visit. Last year I left my full time job in advertising to become a full time influencer and since then I’ve really understood the value of the industry.


What are the strengths & weaknesses of being a full time influencer?

There are so many advantages to being an influencer but I would definitely say the biggest is freedom – both creatively but also in terms of managing my own time. I love that I can apply my own artistic direction to projects and don’t need to work in someone else’s style and that I can pick & choose my own projects.

I really don’t think there are many disadvantages however sometimes I definitely work too much and don’t know when to stop. Even though I love what I do I think it is still important to make time for yourself and your personal life. I also have very high standards and am such a perfectionist that I really worry about doing a good job and it can be very stressful!

Where would you like to be in five years time in your career?

I’d love to be Creative Director of my own media agency and to employ a team to create campaigns across all formats (i.e. advertising, content marketing etc.)working with great brands who really appreciate my artistic styling. Watch this space…

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