5 influencers to follow: Persians women


At the conference organized by Ykone in Dubai, we received Persian influences, today we present five instagram accounts that we like:

Persian market is the second Beauty market in the MENA.
The Persian woman is very specific: half Eastern, half Western, her attitudes and behaviors are quite specific within the world.
The Persian women dress like the French, they are very educated and represent 60% of the students at University. They have the right to work in every field and are very independent towards their family.

Statistics said that:
1/3 of persian women’s wages is spent on Cosmetics
5 Billion $ is yearly spent on Fashion only in Tehran
persian woman buys on average 3 mascaras per month
she buys on average 22 perfumes per year

Parysatis Peymani – @parysatis
Parysatis, is a franco-persian. She calls her instagram account Orient journal, where we may find mixed french and persian content. Parysatis is also Creative manager at Ykone Dubai.

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Bahar Eslami – @Fashionsandwishbybahar
Bahar is a fashion, food, travel & lifestyle blogger. She also works in the fields of public relations, events organization & networking for Brands and Corporates.

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Negar Pejman – @Negarpejman
Negar is a Dubai based influencer specialized in fashion industry. She owns as well another instagram profile dedicated to her cat @panbehpejman.

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Sarah – @girlsstylebook
Sarah is a fashion blogger and designer. Her instagram profile is a true portrait of a persian fashion & lifestyle.

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Mahta Mazaheri – @mahtamazaheri
Mahta is a blogger, but also a specialist in PR Networking events.

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