The desert tribe girls face the city tribe ones for Agatha Paris in Dubai


Ykone collaborated with Agatha Paris in Dubai for the launch of the newest Ramadan Collection called “The Symbols”. We proposed a tailored concept that incorporates the current trends with Agatha’s objectives in order to build a trusting and long term relationship.

Agatha asked us to create an aesthetically appealing brief in order to redefine their image in the Middle East: a clear, creative and inspiring position, communicated by a smart casting.

A strong idea has been suggested to highlight not only this particular collection but the brand itself for the 2017 program: Agatha, Tribes of Dubai.

Six micro-influencers from the region are selected to bring to life this made-to-measure concept for Middle East.
The desert tribe girls face the city tribe ones, a reference to the construction of this region’s large cities in the middle of the desert. Three desert girls wear the Numbers Collection whereas the three girls from the city tribe enhance the Letters Collection. They join together upon meeting at the Agatha Store and discovering the third collection featuring the words” Peace”, “Love” and “Friendship”.

We have been involved in every aspect of the campaign – from the conceptual moments at the start to the closing creative briefs. We’ve very much enjoyed working on this proposal, and we hope you will be equally delighted with it…

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