5 surrealist Instagram profiles to follow


Unsettling imagery, weird details, all with an artistic touch. The 5 Instagram profiles we’ve selected aim to twist reality into something unpredictable, unseen and unusual. Let’s begin:

@littledetails shares a universe of glittery girly details and unsettling ‘real’ scenes with their followers. This world is pink, without appearing soft or sweet, showing as many terrifying moments as amusing ones.

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@the.pinklemonade presents similar content to @littledetails while remaining original and unique, sharing simple details alongside unnatural staged scenes. There is a real focus on these details, which are transformed to create lively and poetic images.

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@twbloves is another account with a universe built from pink and surrealist details. This profile is inspired by faces and the human body, adding various colors or forms, and changing both their purpose and aesthetic.

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@thecolorshift is recognisable for its coloured background and simple objects with a new surrealist style. Here, ice cream can be worn in a pocket, water can be red or yellow, and fish can fly…

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This couple creates content for their Instagram account by photographing beautiful details or even themselves in an original way. They imagine a story behind each shot, developing an illusion through their digital art.

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