Young Talent : @a_collage


Molly Tibbetts-Scannell is a Boston-based artist and creative director. In her artwork, she often erases the faces of her subjects, distorting their identity. She also finds inspiration in playing with colors and shapes, ultimately creating unique collages of human portraits. She loves to describe her artistic process as one of discovering ‘’Familiar Strangers’’, which has become her tagline.

Molly is one of the world’s most talented artists, and her numerous awards prove it: 2nd Place at “Picasso” Artspace Concord, MA in 2017; Best in Show at Fay Chandler Emerging Art Exhibition” in 2016; prize for Portrait of Frida Khalo at Dos Cominos Instagram contest in 2015.

Molly was raised by a family and community of artists, and much of her inspiration can be traced back to her childhood. It is still very important for her to be a part of an artistic community, which she now finds on Instagram:

I’ve made lots of artistic friends in this social space. I love looking at all kinds of art and I especially love being inspired by others out in the world more than anything. Inspirations can be discovered through instagram, friends, artists, museums, found objects, and my kids….

Molly has collaborated with magazines such as Create, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, but also with brands including Prada, Miu Miu, H&M & Cartier.

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