5 german influencers to follow


@dustinhanke – 11.3K followers

Urban, punk, blond and a true fashionista, Dustin is easily recognisable. Based in Berlin, he is a blogger and model. He doesn’t believe in having boundaries between men and women’s fashion, preferring to advocate the idea of staying true to yourself.

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@thibaud_guyonnet – 12.1K followers

Thibaud Guyonnet is one the co-founders of @starecasers.com. Even though his blog is 100% dedicated to his selection of original fashion pieces, he showcases lifestyle and travel destinations on his Instagram account, with a particular attention to little details, soft colors and forms.

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@christophschaller – 36.3K followers

Christoph is a German photographer and filmmaker. From his Instagram account, it is clear that black & white portraits are his passion. He captures beautiful faces and expressions, immortalising the simplicity of the way they record emotions.

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@dillanxwhite – 48.2k followers

Dilan takes us to amazing destinations with his YouTube channel and Instagram account. His American Boy aesthetic, international destinations and fun lifestyle define this generation Z influencer.

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@schannaloves – 117K followers

And finally, the beautiful Shanna. Owner of the YouTube channel SCHANNALOVES, Shanna shares makeup tutorials with her fans. In addition to her artistic talent with makeup, she also shares her enviably dreamy lifestyle.

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