Ykone is delighted to have won LeBook Connections Paris‘s creative prize in the Non-Traditional (social) category for its L’Envol de Cartier campaign. Our Creative Director summarises this project in a few words, explaining why this project became a real success story.

The beauty and success of this campaign are found as three worlds come together.

Firstly, the world of L’Envol de Cartier, a woody fragrance that carries men to the point of invincibility, liberating them from all limits. The world of the Cartier maison itself, which has once again been bold enough to try a new digital communication format.

Then there is the world of Ykone, who took inspiration from the richness offered by this fragrance and imagined a narrative that follows the forming of a modern hero through three phases:
– Firstly, a moment of reflection, a gentle introduction, a time to evaluate the field of possibilities and look skywards, towards the future: “Look at the sky, define the unlimited”
– A second step when things accelerate and an exterior element comes into play bringing that “je ne sais quoi”. This makes all the difference, allowing him to fulfil his potential: “Feel the power of the Cartier life potion”
– Finally, the third phase: accomplishment. He has reached the goal he set for himself, surpassed his limits and taken destiny into his own hands. Symbolically, he has taken the flight: “Beyond your limits: L’Envol”

And finally, the world of the digital artists, such as @jaredchambers, @ovunno and @cesinha, who collaborated with us to give life to the #LenvoldeCartier campaign. Their images have authenticity and striking purity, and their photographs hold references to elsewhere, to being beyond the self. Through their art, they narrate a ceaseless quest for liberty, a fascination with the sky, with infinity.

Jordan Henrion, Creative Director at Ykone


Simone Bramante

Oliver Vegas (1)