5 British influencers to follow


Have a few minutes to be inspired?
Take a look at five marvelous Instagramers we’ve selected from the United Kingdom, representing the beauty, luxury lifestyle, watches & men’s fashion industries.
Inspired by British manners, we’ll start with ladies first:

Kaushal is the world’s most watched Indian beauty blogger. Based in London, she’s friendly, relatable, honest and provides her audience with an addictive and on-trend guide to all aspects of beauty. With a global audience, Kaushal’s mix of international celebrity and Bollywood looks appeal in equal measure. Due to her level of expertise, many have assumed that Kaushal is a fully trained Makeup Artist – unbelievably she is 100% self-taught. As one of the 15 L’Oréal Make Up ambassadors, she works to help thousands of young people to turn self-doubt into self-worth.

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Shini Park is another British female influencer. She specializes in lifestyle, and her Instagram account is a real masterpiece with an incomparable artistic touch. This lady loves to travel, and turns some perfectly ordinary moments into the most beautiful photographs. Uniting her good looks, inner gracefulness & French nonchalance, her beautiful content inspires her community of more than 200K followers on Instagram.

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Quyen Mike, or #MrLevitation as he loves to describe himself, is a real discovery. He opens the doors to a whole new imaginary world on his Instagram with his exotic travel destinations, best restaurant suggestions, and fashion pieces. Though based in London, he is a very unique globe-trotter in terms of his perspective of the world and the authentic content he creates.

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WatchAnish is followed by 1.8M watch lovers. Anish’s groundbreaking idea was to not just shoot the products individually, but to also create eye-catching imagery that reflected the often over-the-top lifestyles these products were intended to be a part of. His Instagram account presents a stunning collection of various watches for men and women. This is probably the best place to go when choosing a stylish quality watch and ideas are running low!

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Matthew Zorpas is a creative consultant and founder of The Gentleman Blogger. He provides style advice that perfectly matches the concept of British Elegance. Matthew’s account is a diverse gallery of chic, glamour, and business style clothing for men. Admirers of coats, shirts, jackets and ties will find a treasure trove of insights.

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