Parysatis & Reem joined Ykone Dubai


Parysatis Peymani Reem Saade have recently joined Ykone’s team in Dubai.

Parysatis looks French, and acts Persian. On her Instagram account, she teaches Farsi to anyone who might be curious to learn this language, and presents the “Rumi Series”, giving us a taste of her rich French-Iranian charm. This young expat has now become a Persian Influencer Market expert after her experience working in Paris and Tehran in the fashion and beauty sectors.

At Ykone Dubai she balances providing creative consultancy and project management with bringing new ideas of beauty and aesthetics to the Middle East. She loves creating stories with local talent, as well as spotting new potential.

Reem is a happily married workaholic. Reem considers herself a perfectionist; she’s incredibly  organized. Constantly balancing work and personal life, Reem is  very calm individual who occasionally comes out of her shell. Before joining Ykone as an Account Manager, she was working as a wedding planner. She enjoys cooking and hosting dinner “parties” for friends and family.