Feedback on the Insights’ conference at Carreau du Temple


Last Thursday, Ykone organised their latest Insight conference. This time the theme focuses on “Micro Communities, Maximum Opportunities”, highlighting the role of micro-influencers. Ykone published the latest official report at the same time – available to download from our website.


250 professionals working for major fashion, luxury and beauty brands were gathered together for the morning.


Olivier Billon, CEO of Ykone, introduced the theme with examples of various clients’ cases.


Richard Bridgman,author of the study, was interviewed by Raluca Petrescu,Managing Director of Ykone Paris.

We explored the theme with our speakers: Sabina Socol, Claire Margueritte, Richard Bridgman et Jordan Henrion.


The conference was organised at Carreau du Temple as a part of the fair Le Book Connections Paris.