On her blog, Marissa gives fashion, beauty and design advice, sharing her inspirations through articles, photo essays, and lookbooks. Written in English to appeal to an international audience, her blog also documents her travels throughout Europe, and the different experiences she’s shared with various brands.

She dreams of collaborating with brands, particularly Kenzo, Isabel Marant, COS, Dior and Chanel. She’d love to work with Am.Pm and Hay to fulfil her creative side and be inspired by her love for design and decoration. Passionate, and on a daily quest for innovation, Marissa Cox would like her blog to evolve into an e-commerce site, where her fans can directly buy the clothes she wears in the «Outfit of the Day» section, and add a «shop tours» option to the travel section.

Her next challenge is to master videos. It’s an ambitious project, and she’s taken on an intern to support her in her various productions.

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