Young Talent : Arian Ney


Masculine Elegance…

Two words which define the German influencer Arian Ney. Arian’s niche, coherent and aesthetic editorial line reflects his personality and passions, which he shares with his 253K strong Instagram community.  

With different sections like a men’s magazine, Arian shares his own inspirational quotations, still-life flatlays, details that evoke his daily life, his favourite accessories, discoveries and recommendations that are often culinary insights, and a lookbook category where he takes a moment to share his style that is often well thought-through, sometimes casual, and always elegant.

This aesthetic editorial is beloved by his community, with each of his publications resulting in an average of 5K reactions. Arian Ney’s Instagram account showcases how to make best use of this platform: a common thread and a strong editorial line are vital in evoking a coherent and authentic universe.