Bonobo Jeans annual programme 2017


For the second consecutive year, Ykone is accompanying Bonobo Jeans in their annual Influencers Programme: Team Bonobo. 
This concept promotes three of the brand’s core values – responsibility, accessibility, and community-spirit – through a team of five French ambassadors: Mango and Salt, Made By Ceylan, Pink Etc, Pierre Schuester et Thomas Poulet.

The first highlight of the year is the promotion of the Reflex range, a collection of comfortable stretch jeans.
To bring the campaign’s claim – “liberate your movements” – to life, we created a fun and upbeat parkour video in which a free runner roams through Paris streets, interacting with four of our ambassadors.

Having created the concept, managed the relationship with the influencers, and accompanied its production, Ykone is proud to present the finished project. Its success can be attributed to a strong working relationship between the Studio and the Project Managers.