Audrey Marnay for Ykone


For the “Live Streaming” conference, Ykone met with Audrey Marnay to discuss her new life as a Youtuber…

How were you won over by Youtube?
It was time to unveil a new version of myself. People know me as a “super model” thanks to beautiful glossy images. Youtube gave me the chance to offer a different image, one that was more alive, more human…

Which themes do you enjoy discussing? audrey-marnay-fullsize-1585400262
All of them! From recipes to weekend ideas, and all my various discoveries… Without forgetting fashion of course. I really like to share what goes on backstage, things that would otherwise be inaccessible, as I did when I took my community backstage at Chanel. A tiny team accompanied me. In these cases, I write the scenarios, but the filming is spontaneous to keep that air of authenticity.

How does a model used to working with photographers (with retouching, lighting, makeup etc…) master a relationship with videos? Doesn’t it feel a little dangerous?
It is a means of laying yourself bare. Facing the camera, even with good material and makeup, you can’t lie. I wanted to feel closer to those who follow me.
010_audrey_marnay_theredlistHow did your professional peers react as you started your Youtube adventure?

They were a little skittish at the beginning. I think they were scared that I’d mess it up, so I didn’t have that much support. But today, most of them have realised it wasn’t such a crazy idea!

You were one of the first French celebrities to take the plunge with Youtube. It is something that still scares brands, especially the fear of uncontrolled content… How would you respond to this fear?
I’ve worked with lots of photographers and directors. I have an idea of what will look good and I make it a point of honour to offer quality content.

And what about collaborations with brands?
For the moment, I haven’t yet created any sponsored content. I prefer to start by building my own space. I’m not against collaborations, on the condition that I’m on the same page as the brands I’m working with. For the moment, I’m mainly following my own path…

Does “live” content allow you to cultivate greater closeness?
Oh of course! I receive questions directly on social media and so I’m responding in real time, it is completely authentic!

One last question: is Youtube a side-activity, or a viable career choice?
First and foremost it is a new area to discover! And it is a little in the vein of what I was doing before…