Ykone launches Ykone Influencers Index: the new influencer analysis


Ykone is proud to announce the launch of Ykone Influencers Index, its new monthly study that allows brands to measure their visibility with the influencers. This study compares the performances of 25 of the most active brands in each market and industry, based on a panel of key influencers in each specific sector.  

By using our tool Campaygn©, we identify and analyse the influencers’ content in a study that is based on recognized and reliable technological expertise.

Launched and tested during these last few months on British, French, Middle Eastern and  Danish markets, today we are ready to introduce our calculation methodology to different industries and regions.

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Our technological expertise

The study is created with our Campaygn© technology – our own software tool that analyses 7500 influencers’ publications per day on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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Brand monitoring

Thanks to Campaygn© we are able to identify each type of brand mention on the influencers’ posts. From a very simple key word to hashtags, each element is taken into consideration. Our report was created with our tool Campaygn© which allows us to track Instagram, Facebook and Youtube publications of 7500 influencers everyday.

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Representative panel of influencers

As well as the technological aspect, we also use our knowledge of the influencers’ market, allowing us to obtain a representative panel for each secteur or given country. Each panel consists of between 100 and 200 influencers depending on the country’s size.

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Our ranking methodology

The ranking is based on the four criteria supported by quantitative and qualitative aspects in order to be as legitimate as possible: Community (number of influencers who have mentioned the brand), Loyalty (number of publications per influencer), Reach (number of followers who see the publications) and Interactions (engagement rate).

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Our classification allows us to see which of the brands performed the best in terms of four criteria. Every brand is given a score out of 100 points and then we rank the results.

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Score breakdown

This graph allows us to see how the score is constructed, and also to see which are the strengths and weaknesses of each brand. Here it is very interesting to see that Chanel is ranked n°1 but has a very small engagement rate whereas Redken took the last place, but with an impressive engagement rate.

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Performances per criteria

The study also presents the performance per criteria, allowing a more precise evaluation of the differences between the brands. MAC Cosmetics are ranked first with 46 influencers who have mentioned the brand at least once.

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Content source analysis

The analysis shows the source of the published content created by influencers. This allows us to see on which social network the brands have their greatest presence. Chanel, for example, has 43% of its content published on Facebook, while NYX has 20% of its content on YouTube.

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Focus on the evolution of brands’ performances over time

The study highlights the chronological evolutions of the brands’ performances. This allows us to have a very precise assessment of the results over time. Here, for example, we have the change in both the number of publications and reach over the last six months.

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Metrics comparison

This analysis offers a comparison of different metrics in order to best conceptualise the brands’ performances. Here, we have a mapping that presents the reach vs the engagement rate.

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Influencers to track

The objective of this study is to offer insights on the best influencers from the panel. We are capable of providing the best performances in terms of publications, reach and engagement rate.

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The best content

Finally, we analyse the best content in terms of reach, interactions and engagement rate.

If you want to know more about the Ykone Influencers Index, you can contact us at this address: contact@ykone.com